Hello. I’m Tiffany Johnson.

I started Save The Bucks to help you find ways to take control of your financial future with easy practical tips. I know how money can be a stress relief. It allows people to realize their dreams and achieve their greatest desires. That being said, I am all about stress reduction and living life to the fullest. Here at Save The Bucks we believe that you CAN be your own hero. Money does NOT need to be hard.

~Our philosophy is simple and practical~

You possess the ability to manage your own money

You may be a millennial just graduating from college, or a generation X woman starting over after a divorce. Perhaps you are a man looking to make a complete life change to your spending habits. Wherever you are in life, you have the ability at this current moment to make a tangible change in your relationship with money. You do not need to be a certified public accountant (CPA), Wallstreet stockbroker, a wealthy CEO heiress, or billionaire business magnate in order to become knowledgeable about money.

At Save the Bucks, we believe that good, small, consistent, everyday choices, will help you to further reach your goals of financial security.

You do not need to pay money to learn about money

With the advantage of the world wide web, YouTube, seminars, and websites such as https://www.savethebucks.org learning about money management is easier and more accessible than ever before. We do not believe in paying for credit repair services, or thousand-dollar seminars, as all of the information provided in such platforms is easily accessible online.

You can be financially successful regardless of income

While becoming very financially successful is a wonderful goal to have, our focus here at Save The Bucks is not to overstimulate you with “Get Rich Quick” schemes, “overnight wealth” strategies, or high-risk “day-trading” cheats. The best rewards are those achieved overtime. We are here to help you at whatever level you are at in life so that you can realistically grow and maintain your resources.

Best Interest Basics (BIBs) are essential

Here at Save the Bucks we strongly believe that all individuals should be financially empowered. Within the realm of personal finance, there are basic financial minimums that we recommend all persons adhere to, including the following financial principles:

  • Open a checking & savings account At the basic level a checking and savings account will provide you with a place to keep your money, monitor your spending, and grant you with easy access to paying bills, and transferring money. There are even high-interest savings accounts that will allow you to take advantage of your good saving habits.
  • Get a ROTH IRA and/or a 401K These accounts allow you to contribute a portion of your salary to a monthly government incentivized retirement account. The amount you contribute is often matched as a partial percentage by your employer. The current maximum allowable contribution for a 401K is $20,500 per year (2022). While most working individuals already have a 401K or similar provided by their employer, it can also be beneficial to open a ROTH IRA. A ROTH IRA will allow you to contribute up to $6000 (if you are younger than 50) in a calendar year. With this type of account, you will be able to take advantage of no-tax deductions in your retirement years.
  • Keep at least (1) active credit card Not only will a credit card allow you to maintain control of your money and have access to funds when needed, a credit card will allow you to build a credit profile and credit score that will highlight your responsible use and allow you to gain access to additional financial products as needed. While some schools of thought assert that credit cards in all forms are bad, we do not agree. We believe in responsible credit card use as credit cards are a tool and a part of a larger financial eco-system, that if used skillfully, will allow you to increase your overall financial health and reputation. Why opt out? With that being said, the world of credit cards can be overwhelming, and if you have found yourself confused, in-debt, or in over your head, we are here to help. We want you to learn to use credit to your benefit to help you achieve greater financial success, not to trap you in unnecessary debt. Here you can browse ways to build credit, improve your overall score, and create a portfolio of credit cards and loan products (mortgages, student loans, car loans, small business loans) that will have you winning in the game of credit with control and satisfaction, instead of shame and guilt.
  • Save more than you spend We are a nation of spenders. We like to buy things and show these things to our friends and family as signs of accomplishment. While Save The Bucks is all about an exquisite silk shirt (extremely versatile fabric!), a five course chef’s selection meal and wine pairing (extremely tasty!), or even a beautiful timepiece (they last forever!), we do not encourage frequent spending on these types of purchases. While we are not here to shame you into a life of extreme minimalism, we do want to guide you into more mindful choices. We want you to think of other ways to enjoy your money, with less attachment to things. To get going on your financial health journey, we recommend that you start small by following a very simple concept: Always strive to save more money each month, than what you have going out. Instead of chasing your money away, try diverting it into your savings account. You may find yourself becoming more fond of your savings than of the possessions that may or may not reflect its value.
  • Do a monthly fiscal health check By keeping with the habit of checking your balances owed, paid and saved, you will be able to better monitor your financial progress. This healthy habit also works to increase your personal financial confidence so that you no longer have to dread reviewing your bills. You will be able to take on your financial responsibilities as another routine part of your day with savings, and a smile to spare.
Fun Facts:
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Public Policy from the University of Nevada Las Vegas
Favorite Comedian: Anything Foxx, Seinfeld, or Maniscalco will do it!
Favorite Actor: Eddie Redmayne, the absolute best in every way.
What I’d like to see in the stock market: Would love to see Meta acquire Boston Dynamics, as it would be a great addition to their already strong portfolio of companies. 

To share your personal success stories, inquire regarding working with Save The Bucks, or for anything else, please get in touch at info@savethebucks.org

~Tiffany Johnson~