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Virtual Events to Keep You Inspired During Lockdown – Los Angeles

Many in-person events have been canceled or postponed in Los Angeles because of the coronavirus pandemic. On the a postive note, many of these previously in-person events are now available to stream online. 

Currently, there is no specific timeline for ending long social distancing measures and many organizations are adapting their event plans to the COVID-19 pandemic. That being said, there are many virtual events in Los Angeles that can keep you motivated and busy during the lockdown.  

Virtual Events to Keep You Entertained

Here’s our list:

Los Angeles Art Tours: If you’re an art enthusiast, then this event is for you. This is an online Los Angeles Graffiti tour. The tour will be led by a graffiti artist and will take place on August 22, 2020, at the Los Angeles Arts District. The graffiti artist will answer questions at the end of the session. There is limited viewing slots available, so it is important to register  ahead of time. 

Variety’s Annual Entertainment Marketing Summit: This event will take place on August 26, 2020.  Notable business executives, Chief Marketing Officers, and brand owners will discuss the ever evolving storytelling approaches and digital media trends of the entertainment industry.

Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra’s Summerfest: This concert can be watched online on August 22 and September 5. Performing artists at the event include Osvaldo Golijov, Bach, and Haydn.

Dances with Films: The virtual event starts on August 27 and ends on September 6. It will include virtual trivia nights, question and answer sessions, red carpets, and more. 

Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival: The aim of this online event is to showcase the ideas of actors, movie directors, and filmmakers from different backgrounds. Reservations are required to stream the online event. 

The Festival of Books, Ideas, and Stories Event: This event will start on October 3, 2020, and it ends the day after. The aim of the event is to celebrate writers, musicians, poets, storytellers, and filmmakers. The creative process of how stories are shared with social media and technology will also be discussed at the event.  

Japan Connects Hollywood: The in-person of this event was canceled and the planners are introducing the virtual version of the event in October.

From Italy with Laughter: This a virtual comedy film festival with the Italian Cultural Institute Los Angeles. Series of Italian comedy premieres will be showcased at the online event. 

Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery: A virtual exhibition of the artworks done by artists from Southern California. The gallery is not open for visitors right now and the online exhibition continues till November. 

Food Bowl: Organized by the World Central Kitchen and the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. The food bowl is all about bringing people together over a meal and appreciating the culinary excellence of the city. Thirty popular chefs and celebrities will be featured at the online event. 

There is still plenty to do and see during these times. Link up with a friend or two and find some things that you enjoy. And remeber, virtual events are all B.Y.O.B. so no one will judge your for over indulging should you so choose. 

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